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Sprung offers a complete range of memorial products, each carefully handcrafted by our own skilled artisans. Each pays a full, lasting tribute to loved ones of every faith, every tradition, every community. Select the monument style that meets your needs. View our Monument Portfolio.

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Single Monument Design to reflect the spirit and essence of a loved one. View our Single Monument Portfolio
Double/Companion Monument For couples, to honor their shared life with each other as they rest together.View our Double Monument Portfolio.
Family Monument Enhance the dignity of a family burial area with a central monument bearing the family name. View our Family Monument Portfolio.
Footstone Used often in conjunction with a family monument, to denote and recognize each individual and the richness of their life. View our Footstone Monument Portfolio.
Bronze Plaque Typically used in memorial parks and elsewhere, available with complete, detailed personalization.
View our Bronze Plaque Portfolio.
Mausoleum The permanence and elegance of an above-ground structure that affords a private, tranquil resting place. View our Mausoleum Portfolio.
Cremation Memorials Affords a place for permanent tribute, may contain a compartment for the urn. Plaques and benches may also memorialize a loved one. View our Cremation Memorials Portfolio.
Landscape Memorials Includes benches, sundials, fountains, plaques and other custom pieces that can add a place for reflection. View our Landscape Memorials Portfolio.
Civic Memorials Distinguished memorials placed in the community to pay tribute to veterans, firefighters, law enforcement officers and other honorees. Learn more: View our Civic Memorials Portfolio.