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Being Prepared

Many people want to know that, when the time of need comes, they and their families will not be burdened with difficult last minute decisions. They often turn to a professional, such as an attorney, financial advisor or funeral planner, for help in assessing long-term needs and to lay a groundwork of preparation to protect their family and ensure wishes are met with full satisfaction. This can include such preparations as wills or the pre-purchase of funeral arrangements. As a part of these plans, you should also include Sprung to ensure you get the best monument.

Getting the Best Help

Sprung can provide guidance on:

When it comes to the selection of a monument, each Sprung Certified Memorial Consultant knows the ins and outs of selecting the most appropriate memorial, working with you to ensure it will stand as a true reflection of your life, personalized as you desire, and at a cost you approve. Sprung can also work with your legal or financial representative in coordinating plans for funding or financing major advance purchases through Sprung.

Knowing You Made the Right Choice;

Every detail in place. Your wishes handled. Your complete satisfaction is the goal. You can rest assured everything will be as you request, thanks to the Sprung Total Protection Certificate – a 100% guarantee of satisfaction, in writing, that you can rely on. Pre-planning with Sprung – a smart move for peace of mind. See our Pre-Need Planning Brochure.