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1. When will the job be set?

Approximately 2 weeks after it has been paid in full.

2. How do I go about doing an unveil?

Advise both Sprung and the cemetery of unveil date you are hoping for. Sprung will confirm that date is ok once the granite is confirmed, when we have cemetery approval, when the foundation has been poured, when the drawing has been returned, and when the job has been paid in full. Contact Rabbi if you using one. Notify sprung if you would like to order an unveil package. Invitations, unveil cloth, prayer book.

3. When will the inscription be done?

Approximately 3 weeks after it has been given to the sandblaster under good weather conditions. Inscriptions cannot be done in the rain and if temperature is below 32 degrees.

4. Can I have a photo before the job is set?

Yes. Notify the office if a photo is needed.

5. When do I have to pay?

½ deposit is due at time of sale. Balance is due when the scale drawing is signed and returned.

6. Can you recommend a rabbi?

Yes. Rabbi Berman 646-479-7881

7. When will I get my drawing?

Once the Salesperson receives your deposit, the order then goes into our Foundation Department to submit paperwork to the cemetery. After that, it goes into the Drafting Department for a scale drawing. After it is drafted, it will be sent out to you.

8. How long is the time frame from giving a deposit to receiving the drawing?

There are several factors to take into account. Each order is different in it’s time frame; depending on whether we have to get info from the cemetery of existing monuments, if the order calls for hebrew, also submitting the order to the cemetery for approval, or if it is a special order non stock stone, just to name a few. It can take as little as three weeks to as long as three months.