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Epitaphs Remembrances

Epitaphs Remembrances

A Life in Summary

Traditionally, an epitaph is a short statement, sentence or verse to be inscribed on a monument, that either summarizes a life’s work or outlook, or presents a capsule view of the individual’s view of the world. It may be humorous or serious, as befits the person as it did in life. Many people prepare their own epitaphs; others are bestowed after passing.

What to Consider

An epitaph is a highly personal choice, and requires some reflection. Here are some points to consider as you begin to formulate an epitaph, whether for yourself or a loved one.

What can make up an epitaph? The choices of content are unlimited, but are often:
  • An existing quote, verse or saying applicable to the person
  • An original thought, statement or idea
  • A simple declaration of family ties, such as “Beloved Father and Brother”
  • A humorous line that reflects personality or world outlook
  • A quote from the person, indicative of their tone and sensibility

Epitaphs may come from a variety of sources. Biblical verses that reflect the quality of the individual’s life are often chosen. Accomplishments, such as philanthropy or selfless aid to others, often are cited. Achievements in a particular field, such as the arts, may be what the person is remembered for most. In whatever form or source, epitaphs should sum up an individual and convey his or her essence to others for all time. View sample epitaphs.

Writing Your Own Epitaph

In many ways, nobody knows your life or achievements better than yourself – or just how you would like to be remembered. Take time to think about just how you wish to be remembered. Finding the words that describe yourself can help you focus on what is truly important in your life – whether it’s an achievement or one of your many roles in life. A good epitaph should make the reader pause – and think. And it is a final opportunity to leave your mark, in the words and tone you create.

Here you may compose your own epitaph, and Sprung will store it for future use. You may also elect to have it emailed to loved ones. To retrieve your stored epitaph to review or change, provide your email and the login password you create when first submitting your epitaph.

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