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To Sum Up a Life…
To Capture an Essence…
To Reveal the True Person…

Monuments and headstones are a part of your departed loved one’s history. We understand the importance of memorialization, and embrace the emotional healing that occurs with designing a headstone and epitaph with love and care. A deceased person’s epitaph can tell people who they were and where they come from. Come to us for a memorial worthy of your loved one.

You can always find something special to say about every person. Summarizing a life in a few sentences, however, can be a difficult task. That is what epitaphs are for—it is a short text that honors a deceased person, and an ideal way to preserve pleasant memories of your loved one.

An epitaph takes a memorial to its most personal level, encapsulating the spirit of an individual in a few well-chosen words. Here, you will find guidance and suggestions for writing an epitaph, whether to use for yourself in the future or to add to a memorial for a loved one. We can provide examples that can help spur your creativity and let you capture the true character of a personality for all time.

Do you want to create an epitaph for a loved one? Review the helpful information below to make an epitaph you can store for future use. You can then easily share it with family or friends via Facebook or email.

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