World’s Finest Granite

To ensure the utmost in quality control, Sprung sources only the finest of granite, in a wide range of color, grain and texture, selected from quarries worldwide. Depending on the requirements of your selected cemetery, you may choose from dozens of colors of stone to individualize your selection – colors that run the gamut from Impala Black to Ocean Green, Blue Pearl to Dakota Mahogany, and many more.

rubin red red granite finely speckeld with gray and blue india
ebony mist Black granite has white swirls and a marbelized appereance virginia
imperial green dark granite and green grain China
ocean green dark green granite india
Canadian Pink Pink granite with soft hints of black and gray Canada
Imperial Pink A biege with black grain China
Imperial red red granite with coarse black grain india
Impala Black Black granite with soft gray tones South Africa
Gold Star Black Dark black granite withspecks of gold india
Blue Pearl Blue granite with chuncks of silver and black Finland
North American Pink Pale pink with tiny white, gray and black grain Canada
Bahama Blue Blue granite with black grain India
Twilight Red multi Red granite with black variegation India
Tropical Green Mixed green granite with swirling grain india
Colonial Rose Taupe with gray and brown grain minnesota
Royal Emerald Medium green with black grain New York
Camelian Brown granite with blue and dark brown grain North dakota
Paradisio Brown and black granite with a swirling red grain India
Jet Black Jet Black Provides a superior background for etching South Africa
Medium Gray Traditional Gray granite with black and white grain Vermont