Every life is unique – a journey that is individual, yet touches others. To define, celebrate and remember those special qualities in a loved one calls for a monument as unique as the person it honors. Putting up cemetery monuments for departed loved ones is a tradition as old as the pyramids. Today, traditions merge with modern sensibilities, allowing you to be as creative as you wish in remembering loved ones. Sprung Monuments stands ready to assist, as it has for nearly a century of providing quality headstones in New York.

Look to Sprung for the expertise to help you find the words… the feelings… and express them in a custom design that will truly reflect the life of your loved one. Possibilities are limitless, from the traditional to the unique; from a footstone to a mausoleum. Each Sprung Certified Memorial Consultant is trained to guide you through the selection, design and installation processes with dignity and caring.

The Sprung guarantee of 100% satisfaction means you’ll receive personalized services, superior productions, and the lowest costs. Sprung reaches beyond the individual, partnering with funeral homes. Known as the leading expert in cemetery rules, requirements and regulations, Sprung is sought out by funeral incompatible with cemetery guidelines. Sprung is proud of serving the community, and of always providing compassion along with out unmatched expertise. Discover the many options and choices available and commemorate a special life with a monument that will reflect those special qualities for all time.