Funeral Homes

Funeral Homes

Sprung is a valuable partner to hundreds of Funeral Homes, providing assistance, education, training, service, lower costs and increased profitability. As the largest monument manufacturer in the Northeast, we can maintain superior quality control and contain costs. Sprung offers two types of partnership arrangements, which you may move between at any time:

WHOLESALE PARTNERSHIP: The funeral home handles the majority of the monument process, and must be well-versed in monument selection. Funeral home takes the responsibility for:

  • obtaining family appriovals for art, inscription, and placement,
  • securing approval from the cemetery for the foundation, and
  • handling customer service issues

Sprung creates artwork based on funeral home specifications, rub, complete inscription and cemetery approval; completes a monuments to funeral home specifications; and install monument once notified of foundation completion.
Sprung Provide :

  • Scale Drawing
  • Granite, Inscription and Installation
  • Wholesale Prices
  • Expertise

RETAIL PARTNERSHIP: The funeral can either:

  • Refer a client to Sprung, or
  • Present a choice of monuments and leave all othe implementation – and responsibility – to Sprung.

Sprung Provides

  • Rub & Scale Drawing
  • Cemetery Processing
  • Granite, Inscription and Installation
  • Customer Service & Expertise



See a full description of all Sprung Funeral Home Partnership services here.


No One Provides Better Support Than Sprung

Sprung can furnish any level of support, with a full line of comprehensive sales aids. We can provide a variety of showcases displaying granite samples and colors, lettering, engraving, and bronze plaque work, so customers can see firsthand the caliber of our Craftsmen Center workmanship. We provide customer support whenever you need it. And our website makes it easy to show monuments and personalization options during the arrangement.

If you wish, you may let Sprung’s expertise guide clients, to better serve their needs while improving your servicing. Our flexibility stands ready to support you in your work as it has so many satisfied partners.